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Aperio R100 Reader V3 Black (No Wiegand Hub)IDC867410

Aperio V3 R100 wireless reader supplied with adhesive to attach to glass doors.

Compatible with Aperio AH20 “Standard” and “Advanced” Wiegand hubs only.

This reader is not compaitablewith the AH30 Hub when connected to Command Centre.

Controller Wiegand connections apply for card data communication.

Controller input connections apply for the AH20 Advance hub (used to monitor inputs for “Battery Alarm”, “Door Open”, “Tamper”).

Gallagher standard door license apples for Wiegand hub (one Aperio door per hub).

Aperio AH20 1:1 Wiegand hubs are sold separately.

Gallagher Mifare Classic, Plus and DESFire EV1 / EV2 smartcard technology supported.

For Mifare Plus and DESFire users, a site specific customer encryption key will be generated from within Command Centre. Plus and DESFire cards can be encoded using a Gallagher USB Mifare encoder (or alternatively by providing the site encryption key to Gallagher when ordering the encoding service for pre encoded cards).

SKU: C867410

Supported on Command Centre v8.30 and later

No Video Available