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Salto Repeater AU Power SupplyIDC866151

A BLE repeater is used to extent the BLE wireless communication between a BLE Node (Gateway Mini Node or External Node) and a BLE wireless reader.

BLE repeaters are only supported on Salto Space (or later) and Command Centre v8.30 (or later).

Up to 6 BLE repeaters can be chained in series from a single BLE Node.

Up to 2 BLE repeaters can be chained in parallel from and single BLE Node

Up to 16 BLE wireless readers can communicate with each BLE repeater.

Salto recommended against using a Node with both wireless locks and repeaters attached to the same BLE Node.

Power supply to each BLE repeater is provided by separate plug in 12VDC power supplies to each repeater.

SKU: C866151

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