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Detection Technologies Limited (DTL)IDINT151

The partnership between Gallagher and Detection Technologies Limited delivers high-performing microphonic cable solutions with Detection Technologies’ VibraSector and MikroTek detection systems. 

Installed on some of the most security-conscious sites in the world, including prisons, airports, power stations, military establishments, as well as many sensitive industrial facilities, VibraSector combined with VibraTek Plus sensor cable represents high performance in the field of microphonic perimeter intrusion detection systems, offering accurate zone-based location of intrusions and events occurring at any point along the perimeter of a protected site. 


VibraSector Analyser 

Each VibraSector analyzer offers the ability to monitor up to 1000 meters, which may be segmented into 98 monitored zones, so that the location of intruder-related activity detected by the sensor cable may be identified accurately.  

Each zone can be configured independently with different detection parameters, allowing for variations in fence quality and type, whilst maximizing detection capability.  

VibraSector can provide high quality audio verification in which audio signatures resulting from hostile events are stored in digital format so that they may be recalled and replayed from any remote location. This feature is a valuable tool that may be used by security staff to confirm received alarms as being the result of genuine intrusions. 

VibraTek Plus Sensor Cable 

VibraTek Plus is a fourth-generation vibration-sensitive linear sensor cable, specifically designed to provide high performance intruder detection capability when deployed on fences or other barriers used to define the perimeter of a secure site. 

MikroTek Detection System 

The MikroTek analyzer combined with VibraTek Plus sensor cable provides the next generation in cost effective stand-alone perimeter intrusion detection. 

MikroTek is a single zone analyzer that has the ability, to monitor attempts to cut and/or climb on a perimeter fence of up to 300m (984ft) in length, multiple analyzers can be used together to provide solutions. 

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