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The Multi-Server licensed feature of Command Centre improves its ability to operate effectively in a distributed environment. This distributed environment may include multiple sites separated by large geographical distances and connected via low bandwidth and/or intermittently available networks.

SKU: 2A8957

Improved operational efficiency

Multi-Server allows organizations to link the management capabilities of multiple sites, improving operational efficiency and decreasing operational vulnerability.

  • Cardholders can gain access with a single card to as many of the sites on a Multi-Server network as is required.
  • Should one site need to be evacuated another site can take on the responsibility of monitoring and managing the site.
  • Servers on a Multi-Server network can be aggregated to share information, allowing them to track current location status of cardholders.
  • Multi-Server mitigates the dependency on a wide area network (WAN) for evacuation reporting and site monitoring.
  • Avoiding poor system performance due to large amounts of controllers and workstations communicating back to a single server over a WAN.
  • Avoiding operational down time caused by planned or unplanned outages.