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Controller 6000 2 Door KitIDC302900

Gallagher's 2 Door Kit ensures a cost effective means for providing distributed access intelligence for one to two doors from a single controller. Two variants of the kit are available: 2 Door Kit - Standard which uses mains-fed power supply, and the 2 Door Kit - PoE+ which uses Ethernet for both power and data supply.

SKU: C302900

Features and benefits

  • Cost effective means for providing distributed access intelligence at every door.
  • Minimized costs for organizations connecting many distributed one to two door sites to one instance of Command Centre.
  • Preinstalled hardware and software minimizes installation costs.
  • Multiple sites with only one to two doors can connect to once centralized security system - Command Centre.
  • Leverage an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, (e.g. powering Controller and door hardware via an organization’s Power over Ethernet (PoE+ capable switch or router) to manage security hardware.
  • Minimized costs when connecting a door beyond the range of a RS485 run, or where only an Ethernet connection is available, (e.g. a guard gate house that already has an Ethernet connection, where the cost of running a new RS485 cable would be prohibitive).