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Class 5 Intruder Alarm SystemIDHBC102

Gallagher's Class 5 IAS provides you with a fully encrypted and authenticated, compliant Class 5 level Alarm System, the highest level of the AS/NZS 2201 intruder alarm system standard. Designed from inception to be a highly secure system, features include:

  • Class 5 compliant secure enclosure, with a bi-lock system, and vibration sensor for tamper protection
  • Monitored battery health and discharge times ensure mains power is restored before security is compromised
  • End of line modules (ELM) constantly monitor edge devices with regular heartbeats, ensuring alarms are raised if communications with the ELM are severed.

The latest technology

High value and sensitive assets are normally protected by intruder alarm systems, using 3-4 state analogue monitoring to detect sensor tampering.

Without a Class 5 system you are susceptible to sophisticated attacks, rendering your high value assets unprotected.

The Class 5 system uses the latest digital encryption security standards to protect against all known vulnerabilities, ensuring alarms are always reported should your sensors come under attack.

AS/NZS Intruder Alarms Standard

AS/NZS 2201 comprises a series of Intruder Alarms standards which include mandatory, optional and advisory specifications applicable to all elements of an intruder alarm system.

The objective of the standard is to assist insurers, alarm companies, equipment manufacturers, clients and the police in achieving a complete and accurate statement for an intruder alarm system required in particular premises.

The standard classifies alarm system equipment functionality and performance, from Class 1 (lowest security level) to Class 5 (highest security level). Gallagher complies to all equipment requirements specified for Class 5 compliant alarm system installations.

Awards received

  • Winner of the Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions category - 2018 Govies Government Security Awards
  • Product of the Year - 2017 Australian Security Industry Awards for Excellence

See our awards page for more information.


Not available in all regions.


Gallagher provides a complete Class 5 solution. With the Class 5 Cabinet, PSU and Controller, HBUS ELM, Command Centre, and HBUS devices we have everything you need to deploy a fully compliant system. Each of the parts have a range of outstanding merits and can be purchased individually.

The system ships with the following elements:

  • 1 x Class 5 Dual Cabinet
  • 1 x Class 5 PSU, 100W
  • 1 x Controller 6000 HS PIV
  • 1 x Vibration sensor
  • 2 x Cabinet bi-lock keys
  • 1 x Installation guide

Height x Width x Depth 621 x 375 x 185   mm
Weight 6.8   kg
Compliance Standards AS/NZS 2202