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High Sec T20 ReaderIDBVC305450

The Gallagher High Sec T20 Reader is a contactless PIV card plus PIN reader, compliant to the FIPS 201-2 ‘PIN to PACS’ specification, delivering industry-leading speed and read range for faster and more convenient door access.

The High Sec T20 Reader supports PIV, PIV-I, PIV-C, CIV, TWIC and CAC cards. It also optionally supports MIFARE Classic, Plus, DESFire EV1 and EV2 cards when mounted in shared federal/non-federal building entrances.

Color Variant
  • Black
  • White

Features and benefits

  • Large and durable keypad
  • A 3.5” LED display for user feedback
  • IP66 dust and water ingress protection
  • Supports optional alarms management functions
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ensure awareness of any attempted tampering with an integrated rear tamper
  • Display company logo’s, promotional imagery, and messaging, customized exit and entry access denied/granted messages, and enforce cardholder competencies through message display
  • Fully configurable Mimic Panel reflecting the status of up to 8 inputs, outputs, or alarm zones
  • Upgrade software in situ to keep your system up to date with latest technology developments (via HBUS)
  • High grade authentication (256 bit ECC) and encryption (128-bit AES*) between the readers and Controller 6000
  • Five year warranty
  • Prevent bystander PIN disclosure at keypad with Cipher Pad functionality

Readers And Terminals
Environmental Protection 66   IP
Impact rating 08   IK
Voltage 9-16   Vdc
Dimensions 179.5 x 96 x 23   mm
Dimensions 7.1 x 3.8 x 0.9   "
Cable Specifications HBUS 500m  
Standards compliance UL, FCC, CE, RCM  
No Video Available