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IDEMIA BiometricIDC864180

The integration between Gallagher and IDEMIA delivers a fully integrated biometric access control solution without requiring external plugin synchronization or enrollment utilities. The readers offer seamless contact biometric enrollment with template management performed within Gallagher Command Centre. Command Centre can be used to update a user's biometric credentials, schedule and access. Only the relevant biometric templates are sent to each reader, saving database space and cost.

Advanced encryption functionality includes multi-factor authentication, template privacy management, anti-passback, duress biometrics, dual authorization, zone counting, interlocking doors and controlled challenge is also supported.

SKU: C864180

Product information

System brand: IDEMIA

Product name: Sigma Lite

Interface developed by: Gallagher

Gallagher software versions interfaced to: 7.30 or later 

Available and supported: Worldwide

Industry applications: All


Features and benefits

  • Default DB size 500 users
  • Reader DB upgradable to 3,000 users (C864106) OR 10,000 users (C864107)
  • Use C864181 for Multifactor Verification with Mifare Classic or DesFire EV1/EV2 Card
  • User feedback provided via LED indicator
  • Externally rated to IP65 and IK08
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) available
  • Slim line mullion design for narrow footprint installations
  • Finger print only for entry level biometric reader
  • Support “Morpho Legacy Mode” from Command Centre 7.30 or later
  • Factor native mode (MA5G) FE v4.5 requires CC v7.80 or later
  • Pre CC v7.80 sites will need to apply Legacy mode (MA2G) FW v4.5 via BioBox ToolBox 3.4.5 or later
  • CC v7.80 supports TLS 1.2 Ethernet encryption for secure template management

Provided By IDEMIA