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Command Centre Web Cardholder ManagementIDC16050

Command Centre Web is the latest evolution in our suite of Command Centre products. It provides the flexibility and security to easily manage your site from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need to set up or install a full Command Centre workstation, saving you time and money. 

Cardholder management

From Command Centre v9.10 Command Centre Web is provided as an annual subscription, with a license allocated per user. The first subscription package is Cardholder Management, and allows cardholder administration to be undertaken without needing a full Command Centre workstation setup. Perfect for reception, public guard stations, and anyone else who may need to perform cardholder management tasks but does not need to do other security-related tasks such as alarm management.

The cardholder management subscription package allows users to: 

  • Create new cardholders
  • Manage cards and credentials
  • Manage cardholder access
  • Update personal data fields
  • View cardholder activity and history

Active Software Maintenance Agreement

The cloud-based service connects to customer data stored on the on-premise server. While Command Centre Web is backwards compatible and will continue to benefit from regular updates, to provide the best possible experience we also require customers to have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and run one of the latest Command Centre versions.

90 day free trial
Experience the full capabilities of Command Centre Web with a complimentary 90-day trial, available for activation directly within Command Centre. This trial grants up to 20 users the opportunity to evaluate the platform's value. To initiate your trial, simply enable the Gallagher Cloud and navigate to the 'Cloud Licensing' viewer within the Command Centre Client.

Subscription renewal

Command Centre Web users will benefit from Gallagher support, maintenance, and regular improvements as a cloud-based service. As such, the service charge is subscription based and requires regular renewal.
The renewal cost for Command Centre Web Cardholder Management is detailed in the most recent edition of the Gallagher Access Control pricelist, under Part No. C16051. Prices are subject to change. The specified renewal fee will be applied to the forthcoming SMA renewal period.

SKU: C16050

  • Available from Command Centre v9.10
  • Available to customers with an active Gallagher Software Maintenance Agreement
  • The Command Centre Web Cardholder Management renewal price can be found in the latest Gallagher Access Control pricelist (Part No. C16051), and is charged on the next SMA renewal. Prices are subject to change.
  • Users of the early access version of Command Centre Web (versions 8.80 to 9.00) will maintain their access at this stage, with the understanding that this is subject to change. Please note that access to newly released features may not be available in these early access versions. We are committed to enhancing user experience and recommend upgrading to the latest version to enjoy all new functionalities.

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