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HID Origo Integration by onUgoIDINT125

onUgo API Middleware integrates Gallagher Command Centre to HID Origo to give customers the ability to seamlessly onboard and offboard cardholders within Command Centre and push the changes to the HID Origo Portal. 

Onboarding: Add cardholder to an Access Group to push cardholder to HID Origo Portal. The cardholder will automatically receive the email invitation for the HID Mobile Access. Once the Credential is activated and a card number is assigned, the card number is automatically added to the cardholder in Gallagher Command Centre. The cardholder can access the building/site using HID Mobile Access Credential on any HID Mobile-enabled reader.

Offboarding: When a card is removed from a cardholder in Gallagher Command Centre, this will trigger an instant HID Mobile Credential removal from the cardholder’s mobile device. Deleting a cardholder in Gallagher Command Centre will remove the user from HID Origo Portal.

onUgo is about building connectors between access control systems, visitor management systems, building management systems, CRM systems, HRM systems, or any other system allowing different systems to work seamlessly with each other. 

Developed by onUgo Technology - a software development company focusing on digital products to help further businesses by improving the efficiency of everyday processes. onUgo Connect removes the manual labour component associated with updating a third-party system, by successfully connecting systems to work together allows for secure, efficient, and seamless workflow.

onUgo Key Benefits:

  • Allows your manual processes to become a thing of the past
  • Organises you with a result-focused workflow
  • Makes it easier to follow business guidelines, protocols, and procedures
  • Single source of truth keeps sub-systems in sync
  • Enables auditing, changes, and tracking of records
  • No training required, plug and play.

System brand: onUgo Technology  

Product name: onUgo

Interface developed by: onUgo Technology

onUgo Software Versions:

  • v1.0

Gallagher Software Versions:

  • Command Centre v8.60 as a minimum
  • REST API Alarms and Events (Licence C12772)
  • REST API Cardholders (Licence C12784)
  • Connected to Gallagher Command Centre - Cloud API Gateway.

Available and supported:  Worldwide

Contact for this interface:

Sales Team
E: sales@onugo.com
T: 02 8029 9910
O: 1300 1 ONUGO / 1300 166 846



Where can we purchase onUgo?
You can purchase onUgo from onUgo Technology. Please contact onUgo Technology at sales@onugo.com

Which version of Gallagher software is required? Minimum Support version is Command Centre v8.60

What  Gallagher licenses are required for the integration of onUgo Connect?
C12784, C12772 and Connection to the Gallagher Cloud API Gateway.

How do onUgo connect to Gallagher hardware?
onUgo connects to Gallagher Command Centre server by Gallagher Cloud API Gateway, a secure API Connection with TLS client certificates for authentication.

Provided by onUgo Technology  
Version Command Centre v8.60 or later  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Identity and Access Management  
No Video Available