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LinkSafe by WaveMotionIDINT144

Streamline your contractor and visitor management by eliminating duplicated data entry and supporting no contact site entry using the LinkSafe Gallagher Interface.

Contractors and Visitors performing inductions via the LinkSafe system have Cardholder records automatically created in your Command Centre FT system. With the option to link Command Centre Competencies to LinkSafe inductions and automatic Mobile Credential assignment, your contractors and visitors can perform zero contact check-in and check-out from your site.

Key benefits:

  • Automated Cardholder creation from LinkSafe
  • Populate Cardholder Personal Data Fields with full contact information including a photo
  • Filter LinkSafe records based on completed Inductions
  • Assign Competencies based on completed Inductions including expiry dates
  • Utilises LinkSafe’s comprehensive compliance tools to automatically verify access to site in real time
  • Be alerted if Cardholders attempt to check-in to site if non-compliant
  • Flexible Mobile Credential assignment, including when an Induction is completed or at time of check-in, plus optional revocation at check-out

Product Information

System brand: Wavemotion Services

Product name: LinkSafe Gallagher Interface 

Interface developed by: Wavemotion Services

Gallagher Software Versions


Available and supported: Australia

Contact for this interface:

Your Contacts Name
Frank Filippone
M: +61 412 557 938
E: frank@wavemotion.com.au


How is the LinkSafe Gallagher Interface licensed?
The Interface is a subscription service and includes all hosting and upgrades during the life of the subscription.

Which Gallagher licenses are required for the integration?
The REST API Cardholder license is required at minimum. For events and alarms on check-in and check-out you require the REST API Alarms and Events and REST API Inbound Events licenses.

How does the Interface connect to the Command Centre FT system?
The Interface connects via the Command Centre Cloud API Gateway, therefore your on-site system must be able to communicate with the Command Centre Cloud API Gateway.


Please note that, unless expressly stated otherwise:

  • Gallagher does not provide any representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee of these integrated products and any third party products.
  • Gallagher is not responsible or liable in any way for any features, content or services provided through these integrated products or third party products.
  • Gallagher does not provide any warranty regarding the compatibility or continued compatibility of third party products with Gallagher products.

Provided by Wavemotion Services  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Visitor Management  
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