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iKLAS – Intelligent Key Lock Application SystemIDC12961

UberGARD's iKLAS solution seamlessly integrates with Gallagher Command Centre, synchronizing cardholder credentials and pushing iKLAS events directly to the Command Centre through the Gallagher REST API.

The iKLASKMS2Gallagher Service initiates a REST API request to Command Centre, retrieving cardholders' credentials based on their Access Groups. It then updates iKLAS KMS User Information and Key Access Groups accordingly. Additionally, the desired event notifications may be updated in the Gallagher Command Centre.

Key benefits:

  • This integration simplifies the onboarding process for new users into the iKLAS Key Management System.
  • Updating, deleting, and managing access for cardholders from Gallagher Command Centre to iKLAS KMS is easily achievable through the iKLAS2Gallagher REST API.
  • Selected event notifications are pushed directly from the iKLAS KMS to the Gallagher Command Centre.
SKU: C12961

Product Information

System brand: uberGARD-iKLAS

Product name: iKLAS – Intelligent Key Lock Application System

Interface developed by: uberGARD Pte Ltd

uberGARD iKLAS Firmware Versions:​​​​​

  • 043.0x8.040x_20240412
  • 026.0x5.040x_20240412

Gallagher Software Versions:

  • Command Centre v8.90 and above
  • C12961 LIC UberGard iKLAS Integration

Contact for this interface:
Mr Tim Koh, Chief Executive Officer
P: +656749 9578
M: +65 9270 0575
E: sales@ubergard.com


Where can we purchase iKLAS2Gallagher REST API Module?
Please contact below:
uberGARD Pte Ltd
21 Kallang Ave #06-171
Singapore 339412
Contact Number: +65 67499578
Email: sales@ubergard.com

Which Gallagher licenses are required for the iKLAS2Gallagher REST API integration?

  • Command Centre v8.90 and above
  • C12961 LIC UberGard iKLAS Integration

How does iKLAS2Gallagher REST API connect to Gallagher hardware?

Gallagher Command Centre is connected to iKLAS KMS via TC/IP with or without Gallagher Controller as required.


Please note that, unless expressly stated otherwise:

  • Gallagher does not provide any representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee of these integrated products and any third party products.
  • Gallagher is not responsible or liable in any way for any features, content or services provided through these integrated products or third party products.
  • Gallagher does not provide any warranty regarding the compatibility or continued compatibility of third party products with Gallagher products.

Provided by uberGARD Pte Ltd  
Version Command Centre v8.90 and above  
Brand uberGARD-iKLAS  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Key Management  
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