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Aperio Customer Encryption FileID2A8997

The customer encryption file is used by the Aperio Programming Application Protocol (PAP) software to secure communications between the Aperio wireless Readers and Communication Hub (AH20 and AH30).

This ensures that only authorized people are able to make access to Aperio devices and that configuration changes to Aperio locks are performed by authorized installer.

Each site encryption key file is unique to a single location and should not be used for another site.

Encryption keys used on Gallagher integrations, must only be sourced through the Gallagher channel. (keys sourced through other Assa Abloy channels cannot be supported by Gallagher Technical Support Teams).

Channel Partner should keep the allocation encryption key in a very secure location. This key will be required for future amendments to the Aperio installation.

Encryption Keys sources through Gallagher (and then applied to live sites), will be recorded against the Command Centre sit serial number (for emergency recovery purposes only).

SKU: 2A8997