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Tester Live Fence IndicatorIDG51100


  • Shows fence is live: Flashing light confirms that fence is working effectively
  • No Battery Required: Uses power from the fence
  • High Visibility: LEF light flashes* to indicate fence is working effectively. Is easily visible during day and night (up to 1km at night)
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Place earth stake in the ground** and simply clip onto fence wire to tape (up to 40mm width)
  • Low Voltage Cut Off: Will not flash if the fence voltage is too low (approximately below 2kv)
  • Long life: Water and UV resistant

*This flash will occur every energizer pulse on fences powered by a larger Energizer but can be up to 9 pulses apart on a fence powered by a small (less than 1J) Energizer.

**In situations with poor ground conductivity the earth stake needs to be clamped onto an earth return wire or a larger earth stake.

SKU: G51100

Ordering Information and Specifications

Part No. G5110

Colour Clear Case

Pack size 1

Dimensions W x H x D

37 x 95 x 30mm

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