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Fence Integrity MonitorIDGPH104

The Gallagher 3 Zone Fence Integrity Monitor (FIM) enhances networked or standalone perimeter security systems through consistent circuit monitoring.

When used in conjunction with Gallagher Fence Controllers, it provides a second, separate fence monitoring source. The 3 Zone FIM detects damage to the pulse wire independently of the perimeter security system pulse.


Features and benefits

  • Maintains fence monitoring during times of low risk.
  • Ensures the fence is fully functional when enabling the deterrent pulse.
  • Retro-fittable to existing perimeter security system.
  • Custom defined parameters for raising alarms.
  • Provides ‘cut wire’ detection and ‘short circuit’ detection without changing fence configuration.
  • Can be installed as a stand-alone fence monitor.
  • Can be used in conjunction with networked Gallagher Fence Controllers.
  • Provides a local, on-site warning signal which can be connected to remote telemetry.

Compliance Standards Compliance with other international standards will be proven as required. Please contact Gallagher for the latest list of approvals. All Gallagher products must be installed in accordance with the Installation instructions to comply with international standards.