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Cardholder ManagementIDINT115

Gallagher's highly integrated, multi-technology solutions support you to efficiently manage people, policy and process, achieving efficiencies and maximizing operational flow across single or multiple sites. 

  • Empower your workforce to be proactive about managing expiries and prevent unnecessary lockouts.
  • Use random cardholder selection to check competencies and licensing.
  • Enable or disable cardholder actions at the door and make decisions independent of the online server.
  • Account for cardholders via the vehicle they're travelling in, allowing travel through multiple access zones without the need to badge at each gate.
  • Easily manage visitor arrivals and departures, creating efficiencies in staff time at reception.
  • Effectively manage time-on-site for contractors and temporary cardholders.
  • Check access privileges from anywhere on site.

Cardholder display

Know why a cardholder has been denied access on the spot, allowing staff to proactively manage their access on site and take pre-emptive action. 

Quick print labelling

Easily print information straight from the Command Centre competency tile to create labels displaying cardholder information.

Random cardholder selection

Automatically select random personnel and ensure a fair and broad group of staff are checked in when required.

Action on access

Designated readers can enable or disable cardholder actions, including access to restricted areas. A useful way of managing contractors and temporary workers time and entry on site.

Dynamic exit zoning

Allows cardholders to badge onto a bus at the start of the journey, Command Centre will then update the location information as the bus passes through access points without cardholders having to badge again. 

Mobile cardholder challenge

Allows guards to check the access privileges of a cardholder from anywhere on site without returning to a work station.