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TK Elevator Integration (Ethernet)IDC12859

Interface to the TK Elevator Destination Dispatch System

  • Communication is handled by a service that resides between the Gallagher and TK Elevator servers. 
  • Automated configuration discovery provides an elegant experience for the technician giving confidence that the two systems are synchronised. 
  • Passenger preference flags (including accessibility, default floor, Code Blue and VIP) assigned to the Gallagher Cardholder and are sent through to the TK Elevator server upon presentation of credential at the reader ensuring a personalised journey to destination. 
  • For the most secure offering, Gallagher controlled readers should be used. TK Elevator readers can also be used (using less secure MIFARE CSN card numbers). 

Supported functionalities:

  • User specific destination control
  • Event logging / audit trail
  • Secure / Free floor control
  • Tamper / System monitoring
  • Car Operation Panel Card Reader
  • Destination control panel card reader
  • Source Control


For a full list of supported functionalities please contact your local Gallagher representative

SKU: C12859

Due to variability in elevator destination control system configuration and installation, Gallagher Professional Services consultation is required to evaluate specific customer needs, and any resulting modifications needed to the above interface.

Please consult the Elevator High Level Interface Datasheet (6J0745) for interface details and contact your Gallagher Business Development Manager for further information and availability.

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