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Event Sync UtilityIDC12882

Gallagher’s Event Sync Utility* provides the ability for disparate Command Centre systems to easily share events and cardholder movements while ensuring that each system remains safe and secure. This means that events and alarms, and cardholder location can easily be seen in both systems, ensuring health and safety obligations can be easily met.

Event Sync allows sites to:
•    Choose which events to synchronize 
•    Monitor events from another system
•    Track cardholder location changes occurring in another system
•    Produce comprehensive evacuation reporting on their cardholders

•    Ensures that cardholder movements are visible throughout a site or complex
•    Ensures companies can meet their health and safety obligations
•    Expands site monitoring capability 

*Cardholder Sync Utility is also recommended to realise the full value of the Event Sync Utility

SKU: C12882

Command Centre version – Gallagher Command Centre v8.70 or later

Product numbers:

C12882 – Event Sync Utility
C12884 - Cardholder Sync Utility

Provided By Gallagher  
Version Command Centre v8.70 or later  
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