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Fatigue and Exposure ManagementIDAAA107

Knowing that your staff are in a fit state to work and won’t hurt themselves (or others) is a primary concern for most businesses. Employers have a duty of care (and often a legal responsibility) to look after employees, contractors and visitors.

Failure to do so can lead to physical injury, damaged equipment, fines and production downtime. All have significant costs that can be lessened or eliminated with Command Centre’s fatigue and exposure management functionality, a solution that includes Command Centre features like Regulated Zones, Escalations, Notifications, and Reporting.

Sites that understand the potential cost of not having a fatigue and exposure management system will understand the significant value offered by Gallagher.

Protect your people and your business

Some businesses have greater requirements for strictly managed shift and exposure time; handling dangerous goods and long hours on heavy machinery present workplace hazards that need to be controlled. Special care needs to be taken to ensure that people are safe under these conditions, as accidents can have life threatening consequences.
In the event that an avoidable workplace accident does occur, the burden of responsibility is commonly on the business owner. Auditable data from Gallagher’s fatigue and exposure solutions can prove that the employer has met or exceeded regulations, protecting the business from what can be significant fines and the resulting damages to brand integrity.

Operational continuity

Gallagher’s Fatigue and Exposure solution allows workplaces to manage employee attendance, and ensure they follow best practice requirements for their roles. Staff who are not adequately rested are:

  • More likely to have fatigue related accidents
  • More likely to put colleagues at risk
  • More likely to fall ill
  • Less productive

All of which cause interruptions to operations, and in some cases - catastrophically so.

Lead the way

Businesses that make the wellbeing of people a priority, benefit from improved standing among potential workers, customers, suppliers, partners and investors. The brand of your organization is defined by how you are perceived, and managing your fatigue and exposure well is a big step towards improving it.


Monitor, inform and record

Gallagher’s solution allows sites to monitor the time cardholders are spending within designated areas, create alarms, deliver notifications, and to automatically record events for reporting.

Features include:

  • Alarms when a cardholder is in a zone too long
  • Alarms when a cardholder has not spent enough time offsite
  • Alarms when a cardholder has spent too long onsite cumulatively (weeks or months)
  • Immediate notifications to supervisors (text message or email) for instant action
  • Automatic access control (access privilege removed at the end of a shift)
  • An audit trail for reporting.

Regulated Zones

This solution is a subset of the Regulated Zones licensed feature, which also includes Point to Point Safety functionality.