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Health and Safety ComplianceIDINT119

Gallagher security solutions offer business integration between your security platform and human resource systems. 

Using both physical security infrastructure and our innovative software, you can efficiently implement, enforce and report on your business policies and processes at every point.

Ensure compliance with a range of regulations and standards, optimize personnel flow and safety on-site, and reduce risk, so that you can get on with business as usual.

Competency module

Determine a cardholder's suitability for access to a certain area at the door. Access decisions can be based on a cardholder's training, certification needs, and fitness for work. Competency reminders can be displayed on the terminal prompting cardholders to take action for example 'Your first aid certificate is due to expire in 7 days - please report to HR'.  

Alcolizer integration

The Alcolizer integration is a practical way to eliminate the serious risks assoicated with employees working under the influence of alcohol. This integration measures breath alcohol levels and denies access upon a failed result.

Regulated zones

Fatigue and exposure management - prevent accidents and reduce the downtime and risk associated with fatigue and exposure to hazards.


Monitor and report on time-on-site, accumulated time-on-site and minimum break periods between shifts for all cardholders including visitors, employees and contractors.

Tag Boards

Use Tag Boards for location monitoring. Easily identify where people are on site, and ensure all cardholders are accounted for in a range of evacuation situations. Command Centre's Tag Board display interface allows operators to locate staff working in hazardous and unsafe areas.

Random selection

Automatically select random personnel for effective workforce, risk and compliance. Using random personnel selection, you can ensure a fair and broad group of staff are checked when required; and deny access to site until employees have conducted and passed the required testing.



  • Meet health and safety requirements on site with confidence.
  • Efficiently and accurately check personnel at the door to make sure they are inducted, capable, qualified and compliant.
  • Only allow people access to the areas they are qualified to be in.
  • Empower your workforce to be proactive about managing expiries and prevent unnecessary lockouts.
  • Moderate the hazards of workplace fatigue, over exposure and employees working under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Provide detailed audit reporting for reference in the case of health and safety matters.
  • Monitor time-on-site for all visitors, employees and contractor cardholders.
  • Know all your employees are accounted for at all times, in a range of situations.
  • Protect staff working in hazardous zones by knowing exactly where they are located.