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Mobile Connect SDKIDAAA105

Harness the power of Bluetooth® wireless technology and Gallagher Mobile Connect to unlock doors using your app.

Mobile Connect authenticators for both iOS and Android are FIDO Certified, utilizing a globally recognized method of authentication.

The Gallagher Mobile Connect Software Development Kit (SDK) is a developer package that provides the functionality of Gallagher Mobile Connect to third party mobile applications.



  • Auto Connect (proximity based) and Manual Connect (user interactive) via Bluetooth®. 
  • Auto Connect via Bluetooth® when the app is running in the background.
  • Support for associated actions (such as arming or disarming) and control of SALTO doors via Bluetooth®.
  • Support for Mobile Connect Digital ID, a secure, on-phone alternative to the traditional ID card.
  • Android: Support for Auto Connect via NFC on phones with NFC capable hardware. NFC functions whether the app is in  the foreground or background.
  • Single factor authentication: The phone authenticates to a Gallagher reader without requiring user interaction in order to gain access.
  • Second factor authentication: Increase security by using biometrics or passcode when authenticating to a Gallagher reader. 
    • Android: PIN or fingerprint authentication is supported. Fingerprint authentication requires Android 6 or newer and a phone with fingerprint capable hardware.
    • iOS: Passcode or Touch ID authentication is supported on all iPhones with Touch ID. Passcode or Face ID authentication is available on iPhone X and more recent iPhone models.