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Locker Management SolutionIDC12780

Gallagher's fully integrated Locker Management Solution allows a site to manage locker access, automate allocation, and ensure the best utilization of their locker resources all natively from within Command Centre. Flexible allocation times and a dynamic locker viewer combine to make agile locker use a reality for the modern business.

Easy to operate

To be allocated a locker, the cardholder need only present their credential at the T20 Terminal located near the locker bank. Their allocated locker is displayed on screen along with the date/time that access will expire. If a user has been allocated multiple lockers, the user can select which locker to open.

Full visibility

For administrator or system automated allocation, cardholders can be informed of allocation via email or SMS.

Improve site visibility and situational awareness by adding lockers to site plans. View allocated lockers and unallocated lockers. Open individual lockers and run locker reports from a site plan.

Command Centre makes it possible to easily view audit trails reporting on locker activity. This allows a business to understand the levels of activity (both high and low) and adjust accordingly. One audit trail can be used for both locker and building access.

SKU: C12780

Locker allocation options

Four allocation modes are supported providing flexibility for customer preference:

  • Self-allocation (random locker allocated upon presentation of a credential at a T20 Terminal)
  • Administrator allocation (using Command Centre)
  • System automated allocation (using a scheduled Bulk Change in Command Centre)
  • System automated allocation (using Gallagher's Cardholder REST API)