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T20 Mounting Block Rear Cable EntryIDC300930

  • Plastic molded T20 Mounting Block, allowing a Gallagher T20's wires to be connected to field wiring in a tamper proof environment 

  • Extends the T20 rear tamper to detect both wall removal of the block and T20, and T20 unit removal from the block 

  • Supports field cable entry from the rear of the block. 

SKU: C300930
Technology Variant
  • Rear Cable Entry
  • Side Cable Entry

Can be mounted in the Gallagher Cabinet (C200100), Gallagher Dual Cabinet (C200104 or C200105), or on the Gallagher Mounting Plate (C200001). Cabinets and Mounting Plate supplied separately. Compatible with Command Centre v6.01 or later.

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