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Offering enhanced solutions for contactless biometric temperature and mask detection, the Invixium IXM TITAN presents a next-level integration with Gallagher Command Centre.

Developed by Invixium, a premier manufacturer of innovative touchless biometric solutions, the IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit is a flagship biometric reader and hallmark health orientated solution, which delivers simultaneous face recognition and elevated body temperature detection at the medial canthus (tear duct).

Gallagher and Invixium IXM TITAN

Through seamless, user-friendly integration, health events including temperature screening and mask detection are communicated from IXM TITAN to Gallagher’s security management platform, Command Centre, and gives users the ability to perform biometric enrolment and device management directly within the Gallagher software.

IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit features:

  • Biometric Enrolment launcher from within Gallagher Command Centre
  • Customizable Wiegand or OSDP v2 communication protocols
  • Optional temperature screening data transfer and alerts in Gallagher Command Centre
  • Simultaneous Face Recognition and EBT Detection  
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.5°C (0.9°F) 
  • No Black Body required 
  • Field Upgradeable for existing TITAN installations 

System brand: Invixium

Interface developed by: Invixium
Product name: Invixium IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit
Software version: Command Centre v8.50 or later
Available and supported: https://www.invixium.com/
Industry applications: All


Where can we purchase the Invixium IXM TITAN?
You can purchase the reader from Invixium. Please contact your local Invixium representative.

Which version of Gallagher software is required?
To use Invixium IXM TITAN integration you will need Command Centre v8.50 or later.

Which Gallagher licences are required for the integration of Invixium IXM TITAN?
Gallagher Command Centre (C12873) Invixium license is required for this integration.

How do Invixium devices connect to Gallagher hardware?
Invixium devices support Wiegand and OSDP protocols.

Provided by Invixium  
Version Command Centre v8.50 or later  
Brand Invixium  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Biometric Access  
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