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Your Custom Building App by Dynamo6IDINT150

Your Custom Building App, developed by Dynamo6, is a custom configured mobile app that integrates directly with Command Centre. Customized to your building and branding and fully configurable to your needs, Your Custom Building App manages your building’s resources, maintenance, and access.

The app is best suited to:

  • Multi-campus organizations
  • Commercial offices for a large organization or with multiple tenants
  • Retail spaces with multiple tenants and employees

Administration and authorizations are managed in a single desktop portal, simplifying the management of your campus, retail space, or office buildings. The newsfeed and push notifications enable you to enhance your employee or tenant relations, providing a modern way to advertise services or share announcements.

Connect tenants with their building and achieve a sense of community and engagement while streamlining operational processes. Your Custom Building App is the new way to manage your building.

Features and benefits

  • Authorize and remove building access
  • Grant door entry through the app
  • Manage Wi-Fi access to guests and employees
  • Book meeting rooms 
  • Streamline maintenance requests
  • Provide a news feed and push notifications
  • Customize with your branding
  • Other features coming soon

Product information

  • Product name: Your Custom Building App
  • Developed by: Dynamo6
  • Software version: The latest version is 1.7.3 (as of 25/05/2020)
  • Requirements: 
    • Command Centre Version 8.00 and above
    • BLE enabled Gallagher Multi Tech readers and terminals
    • The Android app requires Android versions 5.1 and up
    • The iPhone app requires iOS 10.3 or later
  • Available and supported: Worldwide
  • Industry applications: All
  • Contact: sales@dynamo6.com / www.dynamo6.com


Please note that, unless expressly stated otherwise:

  • Gallagher does not provide any representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee of these integrated products and any third party products.
  • Gallagher is not responsible or liable in any way for any features, content or services provided through these integrated products or third party products.
  • Gallagher does not provide any warranty regarding the compatibility or continued compatibility of third party products with Gallagher products.

Provided by Dynamo6  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Resource Management