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Cardholder and Access ManagementIDINT118

Gallagher Command Centre allows you to streamline cardholder and access management, reliably and efficiently enforcing access rules while supporting your site's policies and processes. 

Using controlled challenge at security access points provides an additional level of protection for businesses or areas where a higher level of security is required.

Cardholder management

  • Import cardholder data, photos and access rights from third-party systems using flexible XML interfaces or the simple data mapping tool found within the Enterprise Data Import module.
  • Assign access rights based on the type of day, time of day, area being accessed, validity of the cardholder token and any relevant competencies the cardholder possesses (such as training, licenses, inductions or medical clearances). Access changes are immediately and automatically downloaded to the controllers.
  • Manage cardholder details, view recent cardholder events and track card replacement history.
  • Perform bulk updates of cardholder information, such as a change in department.
  • Design card layouts, and print and encode photo ID cards.
  • Tailor screen layouts for the cardholder management team.
  • Find cardholders in the system via access card presentation, text entry or multi-statement search criteria.
  • Integrate intranet, web or network-based cardholder information directly to Command Centre via in-built browser capability.
  • The integration of access control and intruder alarms allow a person with correct permissions to access a door as well as disarm an associated intruder alarm zone on entry, without requiring a separate keypad.

Access groups

Make it possible to define access for groups of cardholders who share the same requirements. Access groups will divide cardholders into groups depending on criteria and determine access privileges. Group information can include:

  • Where and when a group has access
  • A list of members of the group
  • Personal data fields for group members
  • Whether group members are allowed to act as escorts for visitors
  • Authorization to arm and disarm zones
  • Whether group members can change the state of access zones.

Controlled challenge

Controlled challenge lets a Command Centre operator double-check a cardholder’s identity as they pass through a door or security access point.

  • Visually compare the cardholder’s image from their record against their live image or one provided through video surveillance.
  • Display specific information to the operator using an inbuilt screen designer.
  • View-only challenge: present cardholder badging information for operators to see on a view-only basis.
  • Controlled challenge: require the operator to grant or deny access based on the verified identity of the cardholder.
  • Flexibly manage the queue of challenge events, across single or multiple workstations.
  • Know why cardholders are denied access on the spot by integrating the optional Gallagher Cardholder Display (C12599), which also allows you to communicate with the cardholder about any upcoming card or competency expiries.
  • Integrate with third-party digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) systems.

Personalized actions

Configure customized responses to selected cardholders or access groups within Command Centre. Personalized actions or responses are initiated when a cardholder or access group is granted access to a zone. Customizations can include responses such as turning heating, air conditioning or lighting on or off.

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