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REST API Alarms and EventsIDC12772

APIs provide a set of HTTP functions which developers can use to query the Command Centre database, allowing a site to quickly and cost effectively integrate third party systems to Command Centre.

This API is able to retrieve alarms and events from Command Centre allowing software developers to integrate a number of third party interfaces quickly with Command Centre.

Licensed per server

SKU: C12772

The following functionality is available through this API:

  • Retrieve historical alarms and events currently stored within the Command Centre database
  • Monitor for live alarms and events as they are logged within the Command Centre database
  • Acknowledge, Process and Add Notes to alarms
  • Retrieve only the events that are relevant via filters. These filters are Event Group, Event Type, Event Source, Cardholder, Date and Time, Division
  • Indices are available to identify Event Group, Event Type, Cardholders and Event Sources
  • Events and Alarms can be restricted by the use of operator privileges

Customers can use this API to:

  • Interface with big data analytic engines where Command Centre is one of the data sources contributing to the analytics
  • Interface with billing systems for students travelling on buses

System Interfaces
Communication Level Server or Controller  
Direction of Transfer In/Out/In+Out  
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