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REST API View Events & AlarmsIDC12772

APIs provide a set of HTTP functions which developers can use to query the Command Centre database, allowing a site to quickly and cost effectively integrate third party systems to Command Centre.

This API is able to retrieve alarms and events from Command Centre allowing software developers to integrate a number of third party interfaces quickly with Command Centre.

Licensed per server

SKU: C12772

The following functionality is available through this API:

  • Retrieve historical alarms and events currently stored within the Command Centre database
  • Monitor for live alarms and events as they are logged within the Command Centre database
  • Acknowledge, Process and Add Notes to alarms
  • Retrieve only the events that are relevant via filters. These filters are Event Group, Event Type, Event Source, Cardholder, Date and Time, Division
  • Indices are available to identify Event Group, Event Type, Cardholders and Event Sources
  • Events and Alarms can be restricted by the use of operator privileges

Customers can use this API to:

  • Interface with big data analytic engines where Command Centre is one of the data sources contributing to the analytics
  • Interface with billing systems for students travelling on buses

In situations where the REST API Client is remote, integrations may be difficult to configure, often requiring support from corporate IT, firewall configuration and other tasks. The Gallagher Cloud API Gateway is designed to solve this connectivity problem for customers.

System Interfaces
Communication Level Server or Controller  
Direction of Transfer In/Out/In+Out  
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