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HBUS ModulesIDBVC300182

Flexible, fast, cost-effective and secure, Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices provide input and output expansion options, extending the connectivity of the Gallagher Controller 6000 and supporting shared cabling with other HBUS devices.

Technology Variant
  • 4H Module
  • 8H Module

HBUS Modules

Gallagher 8H and 4H modules support star wiring of secure high-speed HBUS devices including T Series Readers and the F22 Fence Controller to a secure Gallagher Cabinet. Star wiring HBUS devices to a controller cabinet removes the risk of one faulty connection taking down multiple devices, and enables easier fault isolation. I/O connectivity is also provided for door and equipment monitoring.

Gallagher HBUS Modules are:

  • 8H Module provides 8 HBUS ports, 24 balanced inputs and 8 relay outputs
  • 4H Module provides 4 HBUS ports, 12 balanced inputs and 4 relay outputs.

HBUS I/O Devices

Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices provide flexible, cost effective and secure input and output expansion options, and shared cabling with other HBUS devices.

The Gallagher 8 In 2 Out Door Module:

  • Connects reader or terminal devices up to 400m (1312ft.) away allowing HBUS communications to be branched or 'T' Wired from HBUS cabling connected to the Controller 6000
  • Provides isolation between its upstream and downstream HBUS runs protecting other HBUS Devices connected to the same controller HBUS port
  • Provides connections for Gallagher's T Series Reader range.

The Gallagher HBUS 4 In 2 Out Door Module – Wiegand provides connection for two Wiegand readers, 4 balanced inputs and 2 relay outputs.

The Gallagher HBUS I/O Board are:

  • 16 In 16 Out Board
  • 8 In 4 Out Board
  • 8 In Board.

Monitoring inputs may be used for monitoring:

  • Access controlled doors
  • Passive Infrared detectors (PIRs)
  • Uncontrolled doors
  • Equipment alarms
  • Any other devices that provide a clean contact.

Activating outputs - relays may be used as:

  • Door control
  • Alarm output for example activating sirens
  • Logic activated output for example switching air conditioning on and off
  • Time activated output for example switching lighting on and off.

Operating Temperature -10 to +70   °C
Humidity 95% Noncondensing  
Standards Compliance FCC, CE, RCM, RoHS Compliance and certification information is available on our support site or by contacting Gallagher  
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