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The Gallagher and SALTO integration offers cost-effective, electronic access control through data on card and wireless access control.

As the ideal replacement to keyed doors, SALTO readers particularly suit:

  • lower security doors where the cost of a fully wired and monitored door is unjustified
  • doors of heritage-listed buildings
  • doors in locations isolated from a network connection
  • doors that do not require real-time monitoring
  • doors that generally do not require access mode changes.

Product information

System brand: SALTO

Integration name: Data on Card and Wirefree Access Control

SALTO space software version: v5.7.3.2

Interface developed by: Gallagher

Gallagher software versions interfaced to: v5.21 through to current version

Available and supported: Worldwide

Industry applications: All


Features and benefits

SALTO readers are effective and easy to install, requiring no power supply or wiring at the door and no controllers for offline readers - resulting in real cost savings.

Operational savings are also significant because SALTO:

  • eliminates the need for keys and key management
  • removes double data entry and dual system management on site
  • re-uses existing MIFARE Classic Smart Cards to provide access to Gallagher and SALTO readers
  • features one-pass encoding of Gallagher and SALTO data on MIFARE Classic Smart Cards directly from Gallagher Command Centre
  • eliminates the need for operator training and use of two systems
  • monitors battery low alarms from SALTO readers and manages on-site activity reports from within Command Centre
  • saves up to 65% of a rooms electricity consumption when the SALTO in-room Energy Saving Device (ESD) is installed
  • Gallagher Mobile Connect app can also be used on SALTO BLE readers, removing the need for SALTO card users to visit a SALTO update point for their card to receive updates.

Provided By SALTO