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New Site BundleIDC302410

Gallagher’s New Site Bundle is designed for small sites with integrated access and alarm management. This bundle comes with the essentials for setting up a new site; Command Centre, a Gallagher reader, and mobile credentials, giving you unrivalled access control and intruder alarm capabilities, and an additional bonus - no ongoing software licence costs*! 

Unleash the power of Command Centre  

Command Centre is our centralized platform designed to scale alongside your evolving needs, from one door to thousands. Simplifying security management, this platform provides you with a unified operator interface, allowing you to configure, monitor, and control your security system with exceptional visibility over site activities and incidents.  

We believe in making things easy for you, which is why Command Centre comes fully equipped with an array of features right out of the box, delivering unbeatable value from the start (**see the list of standard features below). But our feature set doesn’t stop there, we’ve designed this platform with flexibility in mind. You can seamlessly add which feature you want, when you need it, eliminating the need for software upgrades to access specific features.  

Unlock the benefits of Gallagher Care Plan  

As part of this bundle, you get Software Maintenance at no cost*, this means no ongoing licence fees and you automatically unlock Gallagher Care Plan.  

Embrace peace of mind with the Gallagher Care Plan as it extends your total warranty for up to 10 years, ensuring impressive long-term protection for your investment. Stay at the forefront of security technology with access to the latest features and enhancements, guaranteeing that your security system remains cutting-edge and up-to-date. 

But that's not all - unlimited registrations to online operator and administrator training. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the potential of your security system, boosting efficiency and effectiveness. 

*New Site Bundles Terms & conditions apply


The New Site Bundle includes:  

  • Command Centre 8 Door License 
  • Controller 6000 Starter Variant 
  • 4 HBUS Module 
  • 2 x T15 Multi-tech Reader – Black 
  • 20 Mobile Connect Credentials 
  • Software Maintenance at no cost until you add any additional features*.  


**Some of the standard features included with a Command Centre 8 Door Licence:  

  • Automated Access Rules: Effortlessly set access rules and automate decisions based on various criteria, determining when, where, and why a cardholder can access specific areas. 
  • Efficient On-Site Guard Tours: Seamlessly configure, monitor, and generate reports for on-site guard tours in real-time, ensuring comprehensive security coverage. 
  • Streamlined Reporting Functionality: Access a comprehensive range of reporting features, optimizing data generation to reduce administrative time and cost for your business. 
  • Centralized Site Management Visibility: Monitor and manage alarms on a single screen, offering centralized site management visibility and enhanced situational awareness. 
  • Real-Time Alerts: Simply and quickly communicate instant updates through email, text, or push notifications, ensuring real-time awareness of critical events.  
  • Intrusion Detection: Detect unauthorized access attempts when a cardholder tries to enter an area where they are already recorded as being present. 
  • Enhanced Entrance Security: Heighten entrance security with interlocked doors, ensuring that one door cannot be unlocked unless the other is secure, reinforcing access control. 
  • Access Control for Multiple Doors: Effectively manage access permissions for up to 8 doors on your site, providing comprehensive control over entry points. 
  • Customizable Site Divisions: Divide your site into different divisions, enabling separate buildings to manage and monitor their unique security requirements independently. 

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