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High Sec Controller 6000IDC305101

The High Sec Controller 6000 is securely and periodically updated by the Gallagher Command Centre Server with full details of PIV cardholder certificates and their revocation status. In conjunction with Gallagher T Series PIV readers, the Controller 6000 is responsible for performing all contactless PIV smart card authentication checks, enforcing the revocation status of PIV smart card certificates, and performing cardholder specific access control decisions without the need for constant server connectivity.

When coupled with 8H or 4H Modules, the High Sec Controller 6000 provides I/O connectivity for either eight access controlled doors and associated Gallagher readers, or up to 10 doors with additional distributed I/O.

  • Delivers all the benefits of the standard Controller 6000 Enhanced unit for access control decision making, while supporting PIV card authentication natively.
  • Storage of up to 136,000 cardholders and 80,000 events.
  • Support for up to 10 access controlled doors.
  • Options to support daisy-chain wiring via two onboard RS-485 ports, or home-run wiring via optional 4H/8H Modules (4 and 8 RS-485 ports respectively).
  • Can be mounted in the Gallagher Cabinet, Gallagher Dual Cabinets, or on the Gallagher Mounting Plate. Cabinets and Mounting Plates are supplied separately. 

Not available in all regions.

SKU: C305101

The High Sec Controller 6000 is the latest physical access control panel available from Gallagher, fully compliant to the latest FIPS 201 standards, and able to make access control decisions without constant server connectivity.

Power 13.6 v DC±15%   V
Idle Current 610   Vdc
Operating Temperature -10 to +55  
Dimensions 101 x 180 x 42   mm
Ethernet network Connection 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Port (2 ports)  
RS485 Device Communications 115.2Kbit/s, dependent on cable type, 19.2Kbit/s, 1000m max.  
Ports 2 x USB 2.0 Port & 1x RS232 Port  
TCP/IP Protocol 256bit AES* symmetric encryption for Controller to Server and Inter-Controller communications  
Standards compliance CE, RCM, FCC, UL, FIPS 201-2 GSA APL, AS/NZS 2201 – Class 5Compliance and certification information is available on our support site or by contacting Gallagher