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KONE Office Flow IntegrationIDC12913

Easily manage elevator access by integrating the latest KONE lift system with Command Centre.

The Gallagher KONE Office Flow integration (also known as "KONE Access 1000") allows users’ records in Command Centre to be synchronized with KONE Office Flow, simplifying management for operators, while allowing users a built-in access system for elevators and turnstiles.

Manage cardholders, credentials, and access profiles from Command Centre

Operators can manage cardholder records solely from Gallagher Command Centre, including:

  • Creating and managing access profiles according to area, time, date, or person
  • Controlling turnstile and elevator access according to individual access rights
  • Specifying personalized elevator calls for user groups or individuals, including allowed floors, home floor, accessibility features, and priority calls.

Whenever an operator makes changes to a user’s credentials or access profiles in Command Centre, the integration automatically synchronizes, updating the user’s records in KONE Office Flow. Command Centre becomes the source of truth for people’s records.

SKU: C12913

System brand: KONE

Product name: KONE Office Flow / KONE Access 1000

Interface developed by: Gallagher

KONE Office Flow API version: KONE AK-API (KONE Access 1000 API) (1.1.5)

Gallagher Command Centre version: Command Centre v9 or later

Available and supported: Worldwide

Provided by Gallagher  
User Specific Destination Control Yes  
Event Logging/Audit Trail No  
Secure/Free Floor Control No  
Car Operation Panel Card Reader Yes  
Destination Control Panel Card Reader Yes  
Version Command Centre v9 or later  
Brand KONE  
Developed by Gallagher  
Integration Type Elevator  
No Video Available