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Gallagher SMB AppIDSMB001

The Gallagher SMB app allows users to arm and disarm their alarm, manage users, control doors, manage multiple sites, and monitor alarms. The app is installed on a user’s smartphone and can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

The app can only be used as part of the SMB solution.

Arm and disarm
Arm and disarm individual areas or the site. Use Bluetooth® to arm or disarm locally when internet connectivity is unavailable.

Manage users
Add, edit, or delete an unlimited number of users. Manage user privileges and the areas they can control. Assign and encode key tags to users. View user history.

Control doors
Gain access through doors using Bluetooth®. Privileged users can remotely lock and unlock doors.

Manage multiple sites
Manage the security of multiple sites using one app. Easily switch between different sites, such as business branches or business and home.

Monitor alarms
Receive an incident notification as soon as an incident occurs. View incident details with clear information about what is happening on-site. The user can then decide what to do next – silence the alarm if they know why it was triggered or respond to the alarm. Alternatively, a site can opt for third-party alarm monitoring. If an alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will notify relevant parties in accordance with an agreed plan.


The Gallagher SMB app communicates to the Gallagher Cloud using Wi-Fi or cellular data from the user’s device. Local communication to the system is achieved using Bluetooth® from the user’s device. The Gallagher reader’s Bluetooth® range can be configured using the Gallagher SMB Installer Portal.

A fingerprint, passcode, or facial recognition is required on the smartphone, to prevent unauthorized people from using the app.

iOS support
Refer to the Apple Store to confirm the latest iOS compatibility.

Android support
Refer to the Google Play Store to confirm the latest Android compatibility.

Browser support
The Gallagher SMB Web App (desktop version) is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. Contact Installer and Key Tag assignment is not supported on the web app.

Note: If you choose to enable it, the app uses location services to detect readers via Bluetooth®. Your location is never stored or transmitted in any way.

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