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SMB Access ControlIDBVC500870

Currently available in Australia and New Zealand.


Lock and unlock doors using a smartphone at a Gallagher SMB reader and manage who can access certain areas of a business by assigning user permissions.  Doors are configured to be locked 24/7, requiring users to request access at the reader or set a schedule for when doors should be unlocked.  Should internet connectivity be lost, users can locally arm, disarm, or request access to the site via Bluetooth® or NFC at the Gallagher reader.    


Please note: SMB Services can only be used as part of the SMB Cloud Solution. 


Benefits & Features: 

  • Multi-Site - manage multiple sites from one app. 

  • Door Control - schedule for doors to remain locked until the first authorised user arrives. 

  • Offline Connection - local arming, disarming or requesting access. 

  • User Management - add, edit, and remove users directly from the app and manage users’ privileges. 

  • Roles & Privileges - three roles available (Site Manager, Site Admin and Site Member) with different privileges to manage and access sites. 

  • Self-Monitoring - notified when an incident occurs information is provided in real-time within the app for customers to make an informed decision as to whether to visit the site themselves. 

  • History Log - view what has happened on the site. 

  • iOS: 10 and above iPhone 5s and above  

  • Android: 5.0 and above 

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