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Rest APIIDC12810

Gallagher Command Centre provides the following REST APIs. The APIs provide a set of HTTP functions which developers can use to query the Command Centre database, allowing a site to quickly and cost effectively integrate third party systems to Command Centre.

Inbound Events REST API

This API can be used to:

  • Generate external alarms and events into Command Centre from third party systems such as; Asset Management, Incident Management and Building Automation
  • Generate alarms, view alarm instructions, provide alarm indications on site plans and generate notifications within Command Centre as these third party alarms are generated
  • Run reports to receive a full audit trail of both Gallagher events and those from third party systems

Events and Alarms REST API

This API allows a caller to:

  • Retrieve historical events and alarms from the Command Centre database
  • Monitor for live events and alarms as they are logged within the Command Centre database
  • Acknowledge, process, and add notes to alarms
  • Retrieve only the events that are relevant via filters. These filters are Event Group, Event Type, Event Source, Cardholder, Date and Time, and Division

Customers can use this API to:

  • Interface with big data analytic engines where Command Centre is one of the data sources contributing to the analytics
  • Interface with billing systems for students travelling on buses

Cardholder REST API

This API supports the majority of Cardholder fields.

  • Synchronize employee data between the HR system and Command Centre
  • Send Cardholder data to a meeting room hire app, when a credential is presented at the meeting room door
  • Synchronize authorized Cardholders with a key safe system
  • Synchronize Command Centre with an incident management application
  • Update Command Centre employee location data from a third party system (from v8.20)
  • Monitor Command Centre for changes in cardholder data so other systems can be notified of these changes (from v8.30)


This API allows third party systems to obtain the current status of items in Command Centre.

  • Overlay door status into a camera view on a video system
  • Display live fence voltages on a security dashboard
  • Providing floor zone counts to a BMS application to efficiently monitor power
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Overrides REST API

This API allows third party systems to override specific items in Command Centre.

  • Provide ability to open a door from a video management platform
  • Trigger an open door override from an intercom or phone system
  • Escalate a high voltage override of an alarm zone based on triggers from a separate system
  • Trigger a macro to perform any number of overrides within Command Centre
  • Perform a lockdown from a third party emergency system
  • Interface with networked print queue management software, to log Cardholders onto a specific printer and retrieve print jobs using a Gallagher credential
  • Send specific alarms to IP phones
  • Send critical alarms to a police dispatch system

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