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Morpho USB MACI + Verif DongleIDC864401

Features and Benefits

  • For Command Centre v7.70 (or earlier)
  • Each “MACI + Verif Dongle” is shipped from Gallagher with matching ‘MACI’ and ‘Verification’ licenses installed on a USB Dongle
  • A “MACI + Verif Dongle” is generally required to be installed on each Command Centre biometric enrolment workstation and Command Centre Server
  • Command Centre version v7.80 (or later), no longer requires a “MACI + Verif Dongle” on the server unless biometric enrolments is performed from the server
  • Requires Safenet type USB driver from Command Centre distributable (Refer to Morpho utilities)
  • Sites wishing to activate template duplication checks are able to replace the server “MACI + Verif Dongle” with an “Ident Dongle” (C864403 / C864405) sized to match the Server Template Database
SKU: C864401


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