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125 Series Epoxy Key Fob BlackIDC196400

125 Series Epoxy Key Fobs are programmable. The key fobs are manufactured from a black fiberglass epoxy material.

Minimum order quantity of 10 applies.

  • Customer encoding supported
  • Gallagher encoding service supported.
SKU: C196400
Technology Variant
  • ISO Card
  • Clamshell Card
  • Epoxy Key Fob Black

Technology:                                         125 kHz
Material:                                               Epoxy
IP Rating:                                             IP67
Color:                                                   Black

Length x Width x Depth 45 x 30 x 1.6   mm
Temperature (Operating) -40 to 85   °C
Temperature (Operating) -40 to 185   °F
Temperature (Storage) -40 to 95   °C
Temperature (Storage) -40 to 203   °F
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