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A multi-technology credential allows the customer to economically improve site security overtime. A single card can be used at readers that require MIFARE smartcard technology, whilst maintaining support for legacy readers onsite utilising 125 kHz proximity technology.

Gallagher MIFARE DESFire/Classic & 125 kHz cards are programmable and printable. The cards are manufactured from a PVC material in an ISO format.

It is important to note, that with the right hardware a 125 kHz credential can be cloned or another card in series created.

Minimum order quantity of 10 applies.

  • Migrate from proximity readers to smartcard readers at your own pace
  • Customer encoding supported
  • Gallagher encoding service supported
  • Encoding of multiple applications supported on MIFARE DESFire
  • Secure 128 AES encryption supported on MIFARE DESFire
  • Non-punchable.
Technology Variant
  • DESFire EV3 4K & 125 kHz ISO Card
  • DESFire EV2 4K & 125 kHz ISO Card
  • Classic 1K & 125 kHz ISO Card
  • Classic 4K & 125 kHz ISO Card
  • Classic 4K & Magstripe ISO Card
  • 125kHz and Magstripe ISO Card

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