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T10 MIFARE ReaderIDBVC300400

Fast and secure access control

Utilizing the high speed RS485 HBUS protocol, Gallagher readers can offer an unparalleled access decision response time.

The Gallagher T10 Reader is a thin MIFARE contactless smart card reader:

  • Contemporary design suitable for mounting on door mullions or where a small footprint reader is desirable.
  • Configurable illumination and sound; where visual or audible indications may cause distraction.
  • Lifetime warranty.
Color Variant
  • Black
  • White

Features and benefits

  • Support for multiple card technologies including: MIFARE DESFire EV1®,MIFARE DESFire EV2®, MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE Classic 
  • Field upgradeable software 
  • Secure reader authentication and encryption of data communications 
  • Options for outdoor protection from extreme environments 
  • Environmentally friendly – RoHS compliant and designed for minimal power consumption 
  • Backwards compatibility – the readers are compatible with Cardax IV enabled hardware 
  • Support for custom site encryption keys 
  • Heartbeat monitoring for real-time reader status 
  • Extensive selection of mounting, and protection accessories

Readers And Terminals
Maximum Read Distance 75   mm
Environmental Protection 68   IP
Impact rating 07   IK
Voltage 9-16   Vdc
Dimensions 115 x 35 x 12   mm
Dimensions 4.5 x 1.4 x 0.5   "
Cable Specifications Cat5e up to 500m  
Cable Specifications HBUS up to 500m  
Standards compliance FCC, CE, UL, RCM  
No Video Available