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T20 MIFARE TerminalIDBVC300450

With a contemporary and intuitive user interface, 3.5” color screen and large backlit keys, Gallagher’s T20 access terminal is very easy to use. Crafted from high grade polymer material, the terminal has IP66 rated environmental protection, and IK08 rated impact protection making it ideal for use in harsh environments. The T20 is both an access reader and a management tool, able to read cards, accept PIN’s, and has the ability to interface directly with the security system to make control decisions.

Compatible with MIFARE Classic, Plus, and DESFire card technologies.

Color Variant
  • Black
  • White

Features and benefits

  • Card Only and Card + PIN access modes (including duress access support, and dual cardholder authentication)
  • Enforce cardholder compliance with entry regulations through competency message display
  • Manage building facilities like heating, ventilation, or lighting with a key press
  • Arm and disarm up to 50 alarm zones distributed across any system controllers, with optional automated input isolation, and automated alarms acknowledgment.
  • Display up to 200 unacknowledged alarms and 100 acknowledged alarms, and manage up to 100 inputs.
  • Maintain system integrity with prompts to conduct manual system checks
  • Extensive perimeter management functions, including arming and disarming zones, acknowledging alarms, fence zone lockout for maintenance, and displaying fence voltage, battery voltage, and fence controller temperature.
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ensure awareness of any attempted tampering with an integrated rear tamper.
  • Display company logo’s, promotional imagery, and messaging, customized exit and entry access denied/granted messages, and enforce cardholder competencies through message display.
  • Fully configurable Mimic Panel reflecting the status of up to 8 inputs, outputs, or alarm zones
  • Upgrade software in situ to keep your system up to date with latest technology developments (via HBUS)
  • Prevent bystander PIN disclosure at keypad with Cipher Pad functionality

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