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Idemia Sigma WR Multi

Available and supported Worldwide

  • Identification mode – Finger only
  • Multifactor Verification with Mifare Classic or DESFire EV1/EV2 using Finger and/or PIN on Card
  • Touchscreen LCD model supports user name and date display for time and attendance requirements
  • Factory default identification DB holds 5,000 user templates
  • Reader DB expandable to 10,000 users with license C864107
  • Supported on Command Centre v7.30 and later
  • All models POE capabe and externally rated to IP65
  • Supports TLS 1.2 Ethernet encryption for secure template management
SKU: C864173

Verification - Card + Biometric + PIN

Verification is suited for customers wanting the high security of multi-factor authentication options.

Verification compares a person's fingerprint against a single fingerprint template, stored on the card. This is commonly referred to as a '1 to 1' comparison. Employees present their card to the reader, and then present their fingerprint. The reader checks if the presented fingerprint matches the fingerprint template stored on the card. If the reader finds a match, it sends through the employees ID to the Gallagher Controller for an access control decision.


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