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Idemia Sigma Lite

Available and supported Worldwide

  • Default DB size 500 users
  • Reader DB upgradable to 3,000 users (C864106) OR 10,000 users (C864107)
  • Use C864181 for Multifactor Verification with Mifare Classic or DesFire EV1/EV2 Card
  • User feedback provided via LED indicator
  • Externally rated to IP65 and IK08
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) available
  • Slim line mullion design for narrow footprint installations
  • Finger print only for entry level biometric reader
  • Support “Morpho Legacy Mode” from Command Centre 7.30 or later
  • Factor native mode (MA5G) FE v4.5 requires CC v7.80 or later
  • Pre CC v7.80 sites will need to apply Legacy mode (MA2G) FW v4.5 via BioBox ToolBox 3.4.5 or later
  • CC v7.80 supports TLS 1.2 Ethernet encryption for secure template management
SKU: C864180


Identification - Biometric only

Identification is suited for customers wanting cardless access to areas of their site.

Identification compares a person's finger or Wave biometric template to a database of stored templates, typically stored on the fingerprint reader, and identifies the person from this database.

This is also commonly referred to as a '1 to many' or '1 to n' comparison. An employee presents their finger at the reader, which checks
the reader database for a matching fingerprint. If the reader finds a match, it sends through the employee's ID to the Gallagher Controller
for an access control decision.

Provided By IDEMIA