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Creone Electronic Key CabinetIDINT104

A high-level integration between Command Centre and the Croene Electronic Key Cabinet. This integration allows Command Centre to manage user access to keys within the cabinet. Access to the cabinet can be provided to specific users at specified times. Users can be identified by PIN, MIFARE®, or DESFire credential. No additional hardware, devices, or software licenses are required.

Creone cabinets are available in a range of models and sizes to suit your business.  Key cabinets can be expanded by adding more compartments or key hooks as required and can be spread across multiple geographical locations while being monitored centrally.


Product Information

System brand: Creone cabinets, intelligent keys and valuables storage.

Product name: Creone Keywin 6

Software version:  Keywin 6

Interface developed by: RedCrater

Gallagher API used to develop the interface: Direct Database Interface

Command Centre version: 7.70 or later.

Available and supported: Worldwide

Industry applications: Banking, finance, education, government local, government state, healthcare, law enforcement, CIT, retail, transport and fleet management.

Creone contact: info@lsc.co.nz or +64 9 444 5117


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Provided by Red Crater  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Key Management