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HealthSafe SecurePassIDINT139

HealthSafe SecurePass offers proven solutions that support business governance around Staff, Visitor and Contractor Management, specifically around contactless technology with our medically approved thermal image camera, validating all on arrival. Our integration with Gallagher’s Command Centre ensures only authroised people are granted access.

HealthSafe is developed in New Zealand by experienced Facility Managers to support Australasian health and safety legislation whilst complimenting operational requirements. The integration with Gallagher’s Command Centre ensures your people, assets, and business are protected.

Staff simply badge in through Gallagher access control and appear on the HealthSafe dashboard as on site. As an individual badges at other Gallagher readers as they move through the site, their location is automatically updated and visible on the SecurePass™ dashboard.

Contractors can only gain access to site when business requirements are met. Competencies such as inductions, COVID-19 vaccination status, a certification, or licence are validated on arrival by contactless technology such as a QR code, Bluetooth®, and Geofencing. The location of contractors can be tracked and observed in real time, additionally they can communicate if they are in need of urgent assistance with our lone worker solution.

Visitors are supported with a contactless pre-registration process or a contactless sign in process using their smartphone and a site specific QR Code. Alternatively, visitors can use a kiosk if preferred.Visitors receive communication about site specific health and safety information and staff receive an email or SMS notification when visitors arrive.

Capturing Staff, Visitor, and Contractors on site, SecurePass supports evacuations and can instantly communicate emergency notifications, as well as supporting the ability for advising when they are safe.


SecurePass Features:

  • ISO:27001 certified
  • Contactless sign-in/out
  • Contactless Tracing Register
  • Medically Approved Thermal Image Camera
  • Site specific health and safety
  • Asset Register
  • Lone Worker
  • Two-Way Mass Notification
  • Offsite induction capability
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Gallagher Access Control

Provided by HealthSafe  
Version Command Centre version required: v8.20 or newer  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type People and Asset Tracking  
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