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Osmotion - VIX TechnologyIDINT110

Osmotion provides software solutions and expertise to help companies more efficiently manage their remote workforce operation.

The core product applications of SAM and Workflow have been developed specifically for the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries. Together they cater for all the workforce management needs of a FIFO/DIDO operation including:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Assigning rooms
  • Catering schedules
  • Cleaning rosters
  • Shift patterns
  • Logistics
  • Workflow approval
  • Risk management
  • Reporting.

Security access card integration reduces check in/out times, improves room utilisation and the safety of personnel.


Product information

System brand: Osmotion

Product name: Osmotion SAM

Software version: Osmotion SAM 6.2.32

Interface developed by: Osmotion Pty Ltd
Gallagher API used to develop the interface: OPC Alarms and Events Interface, OPC Data Access Interface

Available and supported: Worldwide

Industry applications: Mining, oil and gas, construction

Contact for this interface: Peter Collins, peter.collins@vixtechnology.com


Please note that, unless expressly stated otherwise:

  • Gallagher does not provide any representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee of these integrated products and any third party products.
  • Gallagher is not responsible or liable in any way for any features, content or services provided through these integrated products or third party products.
  • Gallagher does not provide any warranty regarding the compatibility or continued compatibility of third party products with Gallagher products.

Provided by Osmotion Pty Ltd  
Developed by Technology Partner  
Integration Type Resource Management