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Southwest Microwave INTREPID Series IIIDC12722

To enhance Gallagher's own Perimeter solutions, Gallagher also offers an integration to the Southwest Microwave INTREPID Series II product range. The seamless, high level integration allows INTREPID fence sensor detection products to raise alarms within Command Centre. They can then be actioned appropriately by Command Centre Operators who are armed with all the information they need to react quickly and effectively.

This integration provides seamless communication with the three fence sensor products in the Series II range below.

Product Information

System Brand: Southwest Microwave

Product Name: INTREPID™ Micropoint™ II

Software Version: The INTREPID™ RPM SDK - Version A

Interface developed by: Gallagher Group Ltd

Part Number: C12722

Available and supported: Worldwide

Industry applications: All

SKU: C12722

INTREPID MicroPoint II Fence Detection System

A vibration-sensitive cable designed to be run along and existing fence to detect cut or climb attempts. Sensitivity is adjustable and the system can identify an intrusion attempt to within three metres.

INTREPID MicroTrack II Buried Cable Detection System

A buried cable system allows for more subtle, covert perimeter detection. It can detect walking, running, or crawling intruders and provide an indication of their location to within 3 metres.

INTREPID MicroWave 330 Digital Microwave Link

A system that generates an electromagnetic field between transmitter and receiver. This creates an invisible detection zone for intruders to pass through. 

The INTREPID range offers a sophisticated fence sensor package to take Gallagher’s perimeter detection capabilities even further. 

For more information on INTREPID Series II products visit Southwest Microwave.

Provided by Gallagher