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The integration of Syllabus Plus with the secure operational power of Command Centre delivers valuable reporting and automated resource management.

Developed by Cyon, Syllabus Plus is a market-leading resource management software solution for the education industry.

Used in over 500 universities worldwide, Syllabus Plus enables scheduling and timetabling for rooms and resources including lecture halls and laboratories.

Via an online booking platform, rooms can be searched, bookings can be made or rescheduled, and course timetables can be planned and auto-scheduled.

Gallagher and Syllabus Plus

Command Centre integrates with Syllabus Plus to control access to booked rooms - for example doors will remain locked or automatically unlock depending on the scheduled booking. A key benefit of the integration is that security is enhanced site-wide by access to rooms and resources being automatically restricted outside of scheduled use periods, enabling security personnel to attend to other responsibilities.

Command Centre is also able to control lighting, heating and air conditioning for the affected rooms through integrations with building management systems. There are opportunities for significant energy cost-savings through these integrations.



Command Centre provides detailed reporting which, through the Syllabus Plus integration, shows a timeline of when rooms entered free-access and when the rooms were re-locked. These metrics allow you to uncover patterns and trends, and make informed decisions about managing your facilities and resources.


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