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Otis Compass Elevator IntegrationIDC12522

Due to variability in elevator destination control system configuration and installation, Gallagher Professional Services consultation is required to evaluate specific customer needs, and any resulting modifications needed to the above interface.

Please consult the Elevator High Level Interface Datasheet (6J0745) for interface details, and contact your Gallagher Business Development Manager for further information and availability. 

SKU: C12522

Interface to the Otis Compass Elevator Destination Control System.

Allows control of a cardholder's access to elevators from Gallagher Command Centre.

Allows use of Gallagher cards and readers with the Otis Compass Elevator System.

Allows logging of all elevator events in the Gallagher Command Centre Event Log.

Designed to specifications of the Compass Security Integration Software Specification.

User Specific Destination Control Yes  
Event Logging/Audit Trail Yes  
Secure/Free Floor Control Yes  
Tamper/System Monitoring Yes  
Car Operation Panel Card Reader Yes  
Destination Control Panel Card Reader Yes  
Developed by Gallagher  
Integration Type Elevator  
No Video Available