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F4 Series Fence Controller - APAVE Certified VariantIDBVG21952

This is the APAVE Certified variant F3 Series Fence Controller.


  • Single Zone fence controller
  • HV Plus Mode (Automatic Escalation)
  • F4 Fence Controllers can be installed as standalone or networked (HBUS) fence controllers
  • Onboard dipswitch configuration for standalone installation
  • Visual Fence Health and Alarm status display right at the fence controller
  • Service mode operation for ease maintenance with Magnetic Key
  • LV synchronization of allows for multiple fence controllers to be synchronized together
  • Smart battery management maintains site security if AC power fails
  • Auto backup testing and reporting for maintenance purposes
  • Auto temperature monitoring and pulse management for reliable operation in hostile environments
  • Magnetic Key & Power supply (excl fig 8 lead) included

Awards received

  • New product award for Outdoor Perimeter Protection - 2017 Security Today New Product of the Year Awards
  • Platinum Award Winner, Outdoor Perimeter Protection category - 2017 Govies Government Security Awards

See our awards page for more information.


Product not currently available in all regions, please contact your BDM for more information.

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